Deqma-Tech Kft. was established in 2004 in Debrecen, as a successor of the parts production center of the german REEMTSMA tobacco industry concern.

 Scope of our activities:
– spare parts and tool manufacturing,
– machine refurbishment,
– maintenance of machines, production lines, equipments.

We undertake the production of parts, devices, machine units and machines with high complexity both in series and non-series manufacturing via conventional- and CNC machines, welding and assembling. Our top quality products are manufactured on the basis of plans, drawings or samples provided by the client. Production and the client’s demand on quality will be harmonised. The products are coated and protected againts corrosion.

Companies in the automotive, tobacco and other industry require accurate, high quality production and one time deliveries. We meet these requirements with continuous technical and technological developments, we continuously upgrade our machinery park apply new technologies.